L&G 12th June

My day at the SportInspired Games festival

On Friday the 12th of June I took part in helping out with the SportInspired games festival at Legal and General.

It was an amazing day where I witnessed young children becoming more confident in sport and enjoying them more. We were put into small groups and throughout the day we began to bond and get to know the children. We took part in many activities from dodgeball to an activity course! The children’s reactions to this were incredible and every single person took part, even the team leaders!

At the start of the day everyone including myself was very quiet and didn’t know what was going to happen but by the end we were doing cart wheels with our group and we were having a blast! Even though the event was to help the children get more involved with sports it also helped me as well, as the young leaders also got involved. Because of this we all had an amazing day and at the start the volunteers helped break out of our shell and become more confident with the group members. We also became louder and louder through the day with our team chant as everyone were full of team spirit!

Other than the amount of fun I had it also helps me in the future as it helped me become more comfortable leading groups and getting everyone involved. I would definitely take part in the day again and I would advise students like myself to give it a try.

By Hannah Strank
The Beacon School