Melanie Cheering 2

Realising the Full Potential of Young People

A student from the Sky Academy recently joined us for a Sky Sports Living for Sport Live in Bathgate. Starting off in a place of uncertainty and worry, she discovers a lot about herself and her own abilities…

As a person I would like to consider myself as easy to approach and laid back. When it comes to group decisions and getting my opinion across however, I often lose all knowledge of what I was saying or doing, gaining a bright red complexion and a stutter is also common when performing. When Steve Frew came to St Margaret’s we got asked if we could put together a press team. As normal I ignored this opportunity due to my fear of talking in public situations. However my name was put forward to be part of the sky sports team. I decided this was my chance to prove to myself that I could really do something if I put my mind to it. So I gave it a go. I enjoyed talking to Steve as it made me realise we are not all first time succeeders, if you practice you can reach your full potential.

When I walked through the hall at Bathgate Sports Centre in Bathgate, I froze instantly, seeing what seemed like 100 adults, it was my worst nightmare. I was scared of what the day was going to hold, realising I was going to be a leader of a group of much younger individuals was scary. However luckily for me I come from a family made up of a large number of young children so enjoy looking after children. At the beginning of the briefing we were told that this experience will truly build our confidence and leadership skills, I let that sink in and just decided to dive in.

After breaking in a few warmups and general questions with my young group I very quickly began to feel relaxed, my volunteers helped me to relax and do my thing, if it wasn’t for the adult helpers I wouldn’t have been as relaxed in myself and my confidence around the kids wouldn’t have grown as much as it did.

Now after this experience I feel more relaxed in doing group discussions and I have also realised that I really want to work with kids. My patience, leadership skills, and also my confidence grew immensely. Patience and mental toughness is part of everything I do, over coming barriers as big as these can be a real challenge, but I feel now more confident in over coming these.

The Sky Sports Living For Sports program is fantastic; there are no words to describe how happy I am I got put forward. It really helps people to enhance their leadership skills, it helps you to realise that you can really achieve anything if you put your all into it, by really trying and also by enjoying yourself, and you can succeed in anything you do.

I hope they continue this program as children and young adults my age need to realise their full ability.

Melanie Gaskin, St Margaret’s Academy Livingston