Barking Games continues to Inspire

February 12, 2015

This a response from Clare Berry, the Inclusion Manager at Valence Primary School, that details the initial impacts of the Barking Games. We highly recommend and applaud Becontree Leisure Centre because of their fine facility and committed staff. They are prime examples of people changing primary student’s lives and giving them more confidence than they ever thought they had. Read below and see what we mean. Enjoy!

Dear Felix

I am the Inclusion Manager at Valence Primary School. I feel compelled to write to you and Thank you for the funded swimming places we have this term. I have the privilege of taking one group of children who are identified as vulnerable pupils because of their family circumstances.

What a difference the swimming sessions have made. The group consists of children who because of their circumstances have very little emotional resilience and self belief. Some had never been swimming before and in a couple of cases I have had to buy them kit myself. In the 5 weeks the children have been attending I have seen a huge impact on their swimming ability and their emotional well being.

Today in particular two girls who were petrified of the water swam for the first time! They were so proud of themselves and it took some persuading to get them out of the pool! ( I was close to tears) They were so excited to have achieved and could not wait to return to school to share their success with their teachers.

Thank you so much for the places. My colleagues and I will keep you up to date with the success of the places so that you can continue to share in the legacy of your funded places.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Clare Berry
Inclusion Manager
Valence Primary School

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