Fencing Frenzy Hits Hackney

December 21, 2015

Following the success of the summer ’15 UBS Games, 7 new sports clubs have been established in 6 of the local primary schools and there was one sport in particular that proved very popular among the pupils…

Little Musketeers are a club that introduces children as young as 3 to fencing in a fun and safe environment. They deliver specially designed programmes to schools, including extra curricular clubs and term time curriculum coaching. Queensbridge and Sebright Primaries used generous funds raised by UBS and donated to the schools to kick-start brand new fencing clubs, delivered by Little Musketeers, for their pupils.

We checked in with Keith Clarke, PE Co-ordinator from Sebright, after their first session to see how it went,

“The first lessons went really well, the classes were calm and focused. The SEN pupils fully enjoyed it. The Head, Janice Thomas was all smiles and said the pupils were fully engaged.”

A few months on, we checked back in with Keith and the long term impact of the fencing tuition on the kids was clear,

“He (the fencing coach) takes a challenging class and he manages to get them completely quiet. I can get them quiet because they know me but with outside guests, usually it’s difficult, but he gets them quiet. The moment he walks in with the fencing equipment, he’s got them in the palm of his hands.

We have 4 SEN pupils in that group who need 1:1 support but in the fencing class they’re perfect, they don’t need their 1:1.”

Q: Has behaviour improved more widely in other lessons as well as during fencing class?

“Yes, the lesson before and after fencing have improved dramatically.

They all love it and other kids in the school are all asking, ‘can we do fencing’, they all want to do it. There is a waiting list for the lunchtime club.

It’s unbelievable. The Headteacher is over the moon. She’s been wanting fencing since before I arrived at the school and I’ve been here for 11 years (!). The kids say thank you!!” 

We’re delighted for the school and for Little Musketeers. Both Sebright and Queensbridge will be continuing their clubs after their initial success during Terms 1 and 2 and De Beauvoir Primary will be following in these footsteps with their club commencing as of January 2016.

If you’re a school looking to introduce fencing or would like more information on the amazing Little Musketeers, please see their website here:  http://www.littlemusketeers.co.uk/

Let the fencing craze continue!


Kat Hodge, SportInspired Games Manager

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