Give & Gain Day!

February 19, 2015

Give & Gain Day, an initiative of our fantastic partner Business in the Community, is the UK’s only national day of employee volunteering. It showcases the tremendous ability of companies volunteering all over the world. Employees of small, medium and large companies give their time to volunteer; helping communities grow in a variety of different ways. In 2014, companies in 32 different countries got involved, supporting just about 860 organisations to improve communities all around the world.

This year, Give & Gain day is on May the 15th. Again we will be a big part of this, with five SportInspired festivals planned, as part of our larger Games programmes. Four festivals are to be held in partnership with Business in the Community, and one with Lloyds Banking Group. Together we will form part of 19,000 volunteers in the UK.

In partnership with Lloyds, we will be mixing things up a little bit, turning Give & Gain Day, into Give & Gain Week. Together we will be organising 10 Games in 9 different locations throughout the UK during the week starting 11th May. We will be going to London, Leeds, Halifax, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff, creating communities connected with energy and passion. We hope to build a legacy of children participating in sport and leading happier, healthier lives as a result.

To make all this work, of course we try and get as many schools as possible involved! In just one week, we will be getting over 3000 children from 60 different schools, being encouraged by 200 young leaders, as well as 1000 volunteers from Lloyds. We will be offering the children the chance to try their hands at several different sports of all kinds.

Last year’s Give & Gain day was a resounding success. No two Games were the same though; we had a total of 35 different sports the children were able to try, including several disability sports.

The children had a fantastic day! On average, they rated the day a 9.5 out of 10. But it wasn’t just the children who enjoyed it. The volunteers also gave the day an amazing score, giving it a 9.2 out of 10. One of the commented: “The energy and enthusiasm of the children, how they encouraged each other and got along together, was such a highlight for me”

Harold van Maaren, SportInspired Intern

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