Pushing Myself to New Experiences

April 2, 2015

Our Young Leader Lewis, from Holy Rood High experienced a Sky Sports Living for Sport Live Programme. He shares his experience of it all below…

As a person, I am quite shy. I have never felt comfortable with speaking to large groups, or leading a session, normally seizing up mid class and spending the rest mumbling and embarrassed. For this though, I put in the extra fortitude, thinking that it was my last year in high school, I may as well make it a good one. At Livingston, I’ll admit, my first feeling was dread, seeing hundreds of excited young individuals tearing about in the hall…But as the minutes ticked on, my confidence grew.

I started talking to the volunteers, who seemed just as nervous as I was which helped me relax, and when the children came in their hordes, they were fantastic. They listened well, worked well as a team and I couldn’t fault them at all. Breaking in with a few starting questions and warm ups, I quickly grew to enjoy my new role, and got to know both the volunteers and the kids, which helped greatly with my state of mind. What we were told at the beginning, “you get as much out as you put in” really rings true when you start getting into it. If I had given in at the start, and not given it my all, the guys wouldn’t have worked as well as they did, and more importantly, they wouldn’t have enjoyed themselves as much.

Mental toughness is key in everything I do, from school, to work, to cycling, and overcoming this barrier is no doubt a challenge. But when you give it your all, when you push yourself out of your comforting shell, and you are happy to make a fool of yourself trying, then you can get so much more out of life.

The Sky Sports Living for Sport programme is simply amazing, it prepares people for what they will face in life, and shows them that when you are willing to try, you will succeed.

Lewis Rafferty, Holy Rood High School

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