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October 22, 2014

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing great!

We have some fantastic news, and it’s so good we finally have this platform to communicate personally with the world!

Last Friday we had a truly amazing Sky Sports Living For Sport Live in Dublin with all the great Sky Sports volunteers and young leaders from St Mac Dara School! Thankfully, everything worked out really well, we had more than 200 kids playing 4 different sports (handball, boxing, cricket and rugby) and 2 personal life skills sessions (healthy living and team building activities) and all the community was brought together!

With the event, we had a chance to meet Shane, an extremely charismatic teacher who brought 20 secondary school teenagers from the female rugby team, to be young leaders at the Festival. He sent us an e-mail after the games, look at what he told us:

“Well, what can I say? What a fantastic day.  We had such a good time and we are all nearly deaf from the noise! Everyone is exhausted, but the grins on everyone’s faces as we arrived back in school told their own story.

 Today gave us an opportunity to empower our girls, to help them develop leadership qualities and skills that will stand to them for life. As teachers we always want to see our kids grow and develop, but sometimes the rigid environment of a classroom can restrict them.  We saw our girls bloom today. Everyone in Sky Sports Living for Sport, the Youth Sports Trust and Sport Inspired have really made a difference to the lives of these young girls.  
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend today. It was an incredibly well run day, and we had a lot of fun, most importantly.  The professionalism, the skill and the generosity on display was first-rate.  You guys are so good at what you do.
Thanks again for giving us the chance to take part.
Shane, and all of the girls of St Mac Dara’s”
It is extremely heartwarming to read this as it is exactly what we work for with our partners. So, thank you Shane for taking part of the event, thank you young leaders for doing such a great job inspiring the kids, thank you Sky Sports and volunteers for making this run smoothly and being fun, thank you to the sports coaches from Cricket Ireland, Boxing DCC and Leinster Rugby for delivering your sports and thank you to the teachers and kids from St. Josephs NS, Scoil Ide, Our Lady Immaculate SNS and St Francis Senior School for participating! All of you have done your bit in helping the kids find a sport they love!
Mathieu Anduze – SportInspired

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