Sport is My Meditation

September 10, 2015

Anna is a very focussed individual. She has run a marathon and, after recently discovering an intense love for cycling, is currently training for a triathlon. Read here about her reasons to love sport and all it brings:

“For me, sport has developed to be my time alone, where I lose myself in my thoughts; reflecting, clarifying and planning. I don’t do team sports. I cycle, I swim and I run sometimes. I’ve found these activities to be one of the best ways of getting into the right mind-set and boosting my mood. If I’m struggling to get my head around an idea, or confused by the way a programme’s developing, or attempting to make sense of people’s feedback, the best way to get clarity is to get my trainers on and get my heart racing. It’s not about burying myself further in my laptop.

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to forget how much taking time to reflect can boost your productivity and your mood. My cycle to work helps me get energised, whilst the cycle home is about reviewing the day and rolling through ideas, finding the best one. But it’s not only that. Sport has also helped me develop skills and ambitions. A couple of years ago, I realised that to achieve what I wanted in my career, I needed to learn how to push myself harder. So I committed to running a marathon. Every extra mile of my training not only strengthened my legs, but also my mind. And although I didn’t keep up the running to that extent, my mind has continued to get stronger and stronger.

I don’t have a set routine. I tried that, but as soon as I’d made it, I broke it. But I aim to be active several times a week and every time is different, in how much I push myself and in the sport that I do. The constant thing is that it’s my time. My meditation. My chance to get away and reflect.

So I’m a bit of a loner when it comes to sport. But I’ve found it to drive me forward in so many ways. And I love it.”

Anna Springbett

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