The “6 Keys to Success”

August 24, 2015

Some Young Leaders from Holy Rood High School in Edinburgh share what they learnt about the 6 Keys to Success at our Sky Sports Living for Sport LIVE…

People Skills:
During the Sky sports living for Sport event in Livingston, the Six Keys to success were prevalent throughout the day and the children and mentors were constantly displaying all six keys throughout the event.
One of the Six Keys that I felt that I developed was ‘people skills.’ By working with the other Sky Sports Mentors, primary teachers and other volunteers I felt I developed my people skills by communicating and interacting with them. I also gained in confidence working with the children from various Primary schools throughout the day. I was put out with my comfort zone and was challenged to become a team leader.
In conclusion, through this event, I developed my people skills and confidence.

Sean Gilhooley, Holy Rood High School

Breaking Barriers:
When I went to the Sky Sports Living for Sport event, at first I was very nervous, not knowing what was going to happen, or what I was going to expect. However, I had an amazing time and what laugh I had, it was such a fantastic day.
There were 6 keys to success I have been following and working through in my Sky Sports Programme, and some in which I developed on the day. On the day, I chose to develop ‘breaking barriers.’ I chose this because I wanted the children to have fun while playing sports and come out of their comfort zones.

I had encouraged my group to break barriers such as telling them to give it their best and give their full potential, even if they disliked the activity they were doing. I told them to still get involved and the most important thing was to have fun and to do it for their team. By doing this (breaking barriers) I had encouraged the kids to go out with their comfort zones and try having fun while doing the sports.

From this event I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence with working with different people and becoming a team leader. Also I too have developed my awareness of the importance of breaking barriers- just do it and have fun!

Chand Kaur, Holy Rood High School

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