Trinity Community Games, Barking

February 10, 2015


It was an absolute privilege and pleasure working with Luke and Trinity school at the Trinity Community Games last week. I shouldn’t even say I was really working; I was having fun teaching these young students sport and inspiring them to be active.

The big aim of the event was not only to bring four schools and four sports clubs together but to promote the imminent Inclusive Sports Camp which is happening during half term as part of the ‘Schools Out, Get Active programme’. It is a multi-sports camp for children and young people aging from 8 to 19 years old with either a physical, sensory or learning disability. The key principles are to offer sports in an enjoyable environment offering a positive experience for young people while providing short breaks for families. There’s a chance to try out sports including Goalball, athletics, sitting volleyball, dance and football.

Sport’s brought a lot of joy and excitement for me at that age and now I’ve gone full circle being a role model like the ones I always looked up to when trying a sport. I was simply part of the special deeds carried out by volunteers, coaches, teachers, and SportInspired team that motivates and inspires young students into trying out sports. We give them a safe and positive environment that allows them to open up and take a chance on something entirely new to them.

These Games were fantastic in giving kids who don’t normally represent their school the opportunity to put on a coloured bib, travel to another school and proudly compete and do their school proud. Every single pupil was a credit to their school and contributed to an unbelievably enjoyable afternoon.

In Barking, there are so many opportunities in their communities for students of all ages and skill levels to participate in. With this event we focused on what the kids can do versus what they can’t do. And they can do so much! It was really inspiring for me.

One moment that sticks out in my mind through-ought the day was when this girl was trying out curling. She wanted to place her wheeling stone on the centre of a target worth 10 points. No one on her team had accomplished the feat either. It was her turn once again and her determination was greater than ever. Not only did her team go nuts when she placed it perfectly in the centre but she took a victory lap around the whole arena.

Scenes like that were happening all around me. Students were laughing, screaming with joy, and working hard to master this new sport put in front of them. But in the end, the trophy goes to the team with the best team spirit not the team with the most wins. And once again it’s like these kids just won the World Cup, the energy and happiness is priceless. Everyone received a gold medal as well which they examined with astonishment as if it was some ancient relic from another planet.

It was truly an amazing day and experience everyone should witness. Just to give you a small sample of that incredible day check out this video SportInspired Games Manager Felix Sullivan created. Enjoy!

Trinity Community Games, February 2014 Video

Forrest Payne, SportInspired Intern

P.S. To book a place or to find out more information about the activities on offer please contact the exercise referral team on 020 8724 8018 or email

Please be aware to take part in the camp above you will need to have a Splash or StreetBase card. If you have lost your card and want to order a new one, just e-mail your name, address, DOB and School to or

More regular local sports club opportunities

Wheelchair Basketball Sessions
Date: Every Thursday
Age: 8+
Time: 17:00 – 18:00pm
Venue: Dagenham Park School Leisure Centre, School Road, Dagenham, RM10 9QH
Contact: Danielle Smith,, 02082 273376 or 07977 018832

Inclusive Athletics
Date: Every Saturday
Age: 5+ years
Time: 12.30-2pm
Venue: Jim Peter Stadium, Mayesbrook Park, Lodge Avenue, Dagenham, Rm8 2JR
Contact: Danielle Smith,, 02082 273376 or 07977 018832
To book a place on the multi-sports camp or if you have any further questions about the half term activities, please contact exercise referral team on 020 8724 8018 or email

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