What Motivates Me to Keep Fit?

September 7, 2015

Calum is dedicated to his fitness. A former member of OTC (Officer Training Corps) at university, a regular runner and rugby player, there is nothing that stops him from reaching his fitness goals. Read to find out what motivates Calum to achieve so much:

“What is it that makes you crazy enough to get up early on a day off and go for a 5k run? What is so appealing about standing on a Saturday afternoon on a rugby field when the rain is coming in horizontal? What could ever convince you that the late night gym session in the middle of the week was a good idea? Well for me it boils down to two things: self-respect and camaraderie.

I have always been fiercely competitive. Anyone who has seen the BBC’s Hell Week with the US Navy SEALs will be aware of the motto ‘It Pays to be a Winner’ and that motto resonates strongly with me. I always want to push myself, to improve and better myself as far as I can, so that I can truly feel that my efforts have been rewarded. That knowledge that I pushed myself to the limit for me makes the pain and effort worthwhile, a true test of your own personal mental grit and determination and your willingness to carry on. To be able to look back on your achievements and feel proud of the personal goal that you accomplished is hugely rewarding.

But equally important is the motivation to not let the side down. As a rugby player, the team is the most important aspect. The desire to work for the guys either side of you, knowing that they are doing the same, makes sport an incredible tool to bring people together for a common purpose. Individuals striving for the best interests of the team will make that team successful. And so that is vital in motivating me as an individual; that I want to perform to the best of my ability to enable the team as a whole to operate at its peak. And that is why it is so important for me to keep fit.”

Calum George
SportInspired Assistant Games Manager

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