What Sport Means To Me

September 7, 2015

Kat is an all-rounder when it comes to sports, juggling different activities while always being keen to try something new! Read Kat’s thoughts on taking part in sport and using variety to stay motivated:

“Personally, I have always loved playing sport but, for me, it was never about being the best or the most competitive; it was about having fun and taking part. It is this philosophy that motivated me to spontaneously take up white water kayaking in my second year of university – something I had never done before. Despite not being the most competent paddler, I was able to pursue this interest because those around me strongly encouraged me to do so and my love for the sport continued to grow. It was all about having fun and taking part and that’s what I really loved about it.

What’s great about working at SportInspired, and why I love what I do, is that we help create new stories like this, no matter how small, every day. We give young people that opportunity to try new sports and pursue their love for them no matter what. Being lucky enough to try out lots of different sports as a child, it is an amazing feeling to now be a part of a movement that enables those to do something they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to do.

I’ve realised I’m not the kind of person who picks one sport and only does that one because there is so much out there and I enjoy trying out lots of different things – I tried out hockey in my first year at university, then took up kayaking and now play netball once a week alongside swimming regularly at my local pool. The buzz of trying something new, learning new skills and meeting new people is all part of the enjoyment and that is what sport means to me.”

Kat Hodge
SportInspired Games Manager

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