Our first blog!

Hello and welcome to SportInspired’s FIRST post on our blog! We are starting to write more as we would like to share more with you about why we are here, what we do and how are we making a difference.

Soooooo why are we here?? Well first of all you would have to be under a rock not to know that obesity and specifically childhood obesity is a huge problem in today’s society.  Nearly one in five children leave primary school obese. If we include children that are classified as overweight that brings the stats up to one in three children. The government guidelines state that children aged 5 – 15 should be moderately active for 60 minutes every day with vigorous intensity included on three days a week. However, under one quarter of children aged 5-7 meet these guidelines. It’s therefore no wonder we are having weight issues.

As kids get older, even less of them are meeting recommendations; only 14% of boys and 8% girls aged 13 – 15 are exercising enough. These 2012 values are a significant reduction compared to when the survey began in 2008.  In other words – children are becoming more inactive. Less than half of primary aged children are participating in sport, only 48% and 38% for boys and girls respectively report playing formal sport in previous week.

It’s not exactly like an obese child is particularly unhealthy, but simply that an obese child is much more likely to be an obese adult and that’s where the health consequences start to set in. Obesity in adults is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. Non – communicable diseases such as these can be prevented, especially if you start from childhood. A problem as large as this doesn’t have one answer or even one solution, it needs to be something that everyone, from policy makers to the local PE teacher, needs to work on together.

We’re not just here for the clinical outcomes. Inactive children and adolescents who are not participating with sport are more likely to disengage with education at an earlier age, have lower self-confidence and belief, and lower aspirations long term.  There have been studies that have shown physical activity interventions also have benefits on mental health outcomes such as depression and anxiety. SPORT CAN CURE DEPRESSION. Are you starting to see my point?

SportInspired believe that there is a sport out there for everyone. Yes, EVERYONE! Even the children who feel left out because they haven’t taken to football. We want to find a sport that each and every child will enjoy and participate on a long-term basis. We are confident that every child can enjoy sport if they find one that suits them and we truly believe that it will be an investment into their future, as well as the future of their communities.

Laura Hett – SportInspired